Frequently asked questions about BCI Motorbikes

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Peter himself has over 47 years of key experience and we have over 30 years of specific Guzzi experience with which we can be of service. We now know the engines inside and out.
Certainly! Suppose you come with a motorcycle, ask us to find one or take one from stock (unrestored). Then we map out what needs to be done to the engine. There are no conditions attached to this, but you do pay the research costs. We will draw up a project plan together with you. No concessions are made to the technology. The engine block, gearbox, cardan and bicycle part are supplied by us
Depending on the engine, we see how far we go. Originality has added value for us, but finding it in good condition is rare. In a number of cases, such as when the engine is special or has a slightly higher value, we restore on our own terms. In these projects, Peter follows the authentic restoration method, i.e. approaching the production concept of the factory as closely as possible, and if possible even better! These restorations are carried out without restrictions, only the result counts.
We make small and large adjustments to motorbikes on commission, a motor has to fit, doesn't it? We also build complete engines on commission or for ourselves. In short, we deliver custom work!