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More than 30 years of key experience by Peter himself. Craftsmanship and old fashioned service. BCI belongs to the national top!

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Frequently asked questions about BCI Motorbikes

Below you will find the most frequently asked questions about BCI Motorbikes. Do you know another question that fits in here? Then let us know!

Peter has over 40 years of key experience. Annemieke has 35 years of experience in Moto Guzzi history and models Combined we can therefore offer you a lot. We know our engines inside out. Revision work, restoration, tuning and we are still learning. Many machines are at our disposal.
Certainly. Suppose you have your engine block or want an engine block from our stock that has not been overhauled. This block is dismantled and an inventory is made of what needs to be done. The costs charged are the hours worked. We draw up a project plan of what needs to be done. Price and delivery are hereby recorded. If you approve the project, you pay an installment, one third of the project value in advance. Depending on the amount of the project costs, a second or third installment will be charged. Technically we don't compromise, our credo "we do it right, or we don't" We provide the necessary parts for the project.
This depends on the type of engine block. The type will tell us how far we want to go. Originality presupposes us a clear added value, but that this block is then in good condition is rare. If it is a block with a high value (V7 Sport, 850 Le Mans, etc) then the block will be overhauled. Peter follows the methods as much as possible to give the block the appearance as it rolled off the factory at the time and where necessary to improve the block. These revisions are performed without restrictions, only the result counts.
We make small and large changes to existing engine blocks (Tuning). This is taken into account by the application. We can also carry out these activities on request.
Not in principle, just like you, we don't want to be faced with any surprises. In exceptional cases and with clear agreements that are put on paper, we proceed to the sale of an unrefurbished object.
Please even. Do you want a technical restoration or a complete restoration? The difference is that in a technical restoration, the technique comes first. Small cosmetic changes are also made here. In addition to the technical side, a full restoration also tackles the chrome, spraying, polishing, etc. All this as much as possible to an authentic concept. We have restored many Moto Guzzis over the years. View our completed projects on our site. These give you a very good impression of our methods and the quality we deliver.
Certainly, we have many parts and accessories on the shelf that can be picked up and ordered through our webshop, Orders are shipped worldwide.

maintenance? repair? restoration?

The heart of our company, also known as the kitchen. It all happens here. You are allowed to look, but we are not giving away the recipes. Since 1983, so more than 40 years of Guzzi key experience.

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