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About us

BCI Motorbikes is there for you every day!

I, Peter Impens, started a motorcycle shop under the name BCI in 1982. Motorcycles have always had something magical for me, a beating heart. I've always had the urge to ride it, tinker with it and see where the limits were - with a true passion for engineering.

What started as a childhood sweetheart ended up on the business path. However, turning my hobby into a profession was still quite a challenge. I started with BMW. Greenib bv (the BMW importer at the time) became a Moto Guzzi importer, and then continued without BMW. I chose Guzzi and became an exclusive Moto Guzzi dealer in 1982. In 1987 my wife Annemieke joined the business.

Own showroom

The warehouse is expanded and stocked with a large parts inventory

Exclusive Guzzi

Build a lot of restorations and engines that we want to build.

Critical and precise

Our motivations have never changed. We know our customers, are critical and precise.

Own workshop

Our heart of the matter? That's the workshop! Our Guzzi heart has been beating for 40 years!

Brief the history of

BCI Motorbikes in Vlijmen

In 1989 we built a new showroom. The warehouse was expanded and was filled with a large stock of spare parts, coming from acquisitions of warehouses of, among others, Willy van Gent and Greenib.

In 1998, we had to close on private land and partially sold our stocks. The dealership was terminated. The rest stayed. The workshop and the engines have been patiently waiting for us! After wandering into another field (IT network design and consultancy), the feeling always remained.

Your Guzzi specialist

In 2003 we started another motorcycle shop with other brands, but our heart was not there. It was still Guzzi that kept pulling. After this trip, we chose Moto Guzzi again. We quietly bought up supplies and engines and then started again. But otherwise, no more dealer, a lot of restoration and being able to build the engines we want to build.

Our motives have never changed, we know our customers, are critical and precise and the heart of the matter? That's the workshop! Our Guzzi heart has been beating for 40 years!

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